Charan Springs Farm

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Welcome to the website of Charan Spring Farm, home to both our farm and rental cabin. Charan Springs Farm is 124 acres of rugged terrain forged into a picturesque, San Luis Obispo County Certified Organic Farm.

We have an avocado orchard, plus 27 different types of delicious organic produce grown throughout the year. ​We are renowned for our salad mix, avocados, eggs and vegetables which are available at the Cambria farmers' market on Friday afternoons 2:00 - 5:00, local grocery stores, restaurants, and by mail-order. 

The rolling hills of Cambria, California, offer one of the finest Mediterranean climates in North America. Our unique location between the damp coastal fog and the searing inland heat graces us with one of the longest growing seasons in North America. Though we are situated north of the 32nd parallel, in this diverse agricultural community we are able to produce a variety of fruits and vegetables all year. This includes, but is not limited to avocadoes, tomatoes, squash, apples, peppers, eggplant, radish, lettuce, beets, peaches, carrots, beans, broccoli, peas, brussel sprouts, oranges, potatoes, spinach, cilantro, garlic, kohlrabi, cauliflower, artichokes, strawberries, asparagus, parsley, swiss chard, cucumber, cabbage, kale and celery. 

We welcome you to take some time to browse our website and view the many pictures taken of our beautiful farm and produce.